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Dear Diary is an exploration game where you see the world as it is, and through the lens of mental illness. You play as a person with depression, witnessing their day-to-day life and experiencing how their perspective changes reality.

The player writes in a diary at the end of each day, interpreting what happened in their own words. This will create a .txt file of each diary entry on the player's computer, which they can share in the comments of this itch.io page!

This game deals with themes of depression, death, and suicide.

Creators: Desiree Fernandes and Sarah Spiers

Music by Kevin MacLeod - www.incompetech.com


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where can we play this? :)

If the version of the game on this page isn't running properly, we apologize, but the other versions are non-functioning. We hope to do more with this concept at some point in the future, so stay tuned!